Fall/Winter 2017/18 collection is painted  with color and sparkling emotions, for an amazing collection dedicated to  a dynamic woman without  sacrificing femininity. The brand continues the strategy aimed to explore the new potential of the knitting yarn through experimentation and research of innovative processing techniques.

Sparkling creativity gives birth to Sparkling Dream : tartan stitches is the result of a judicious of several pop coloured yarns as fuchsia and yellow on coat, asymmetric dress and inspired Chanel jacket embellished by funny candy metalized  buttons  in gold or bronze. New mélange effects in relief define the series vintage-inspired, golden viscose tubular cross to mohair and soft chenille. Military style garments   revisit uniform theme proposing asymmetric double breasted coat in dark navy blue wool embellished by intarsia  military golden  trimmings and fringe. Merinos wool and viscose in grey mixed up to create Sporty Piquet into sweatshirt, jogging trousers  and maxi fisherman t-shirt with lateral dark navy blue and side opening for a casual and refined style.  


The pop grandeur come back to inspire creativity of the brand with the Delicious Pop Life: industrious small bees interwoven of lurex silver yarns on sweatshirt, dress, short pant and coat with beautiful rounded collar to illuminate winter collection through jacquard texture on a hot merinos wool .        

A new series of tye and dye effect  in which red, dark navy blu and camel alternate on a white base for pencil dress, jumper and maxi-cardigan. Every step turn on bright lurex effect.


Multicolor stripes on long dresses and kimono jumper in refined micro-rib in pink, aubergine and blue. A nice turtle neck jumper enriched with macro-side opening in solid colour.  


Fancy Optical Graphism  introduces optical designs highlighted by fringes of gypsy inspiration,  intarsia  interrupted by stripes  with “paper yarn”: the maxi-coats, longuette  skirts, Chanel-inspired jackets and cape is highlighted by the choice of important colour  as yellow, black and fuchsia.


The artwork continues also in the Optical Chevron in which the zig-zag effect intarsia is amplified from oblique fringe donating plasticity and motion to jumpers, Chanel inspired jackets. A scenographic long dress with side opening and palazzo trouser is the new magic obsession for the contemporary  gipsy woman. A sprinkling of lurex mixed up to a sporty chic touch for mini-bomber j, a small coat and a mini-dress, they are perfect for a daily outfit.

The collection translates the tricot in an artistic key through eccentric manufacturing: maxi-cardigan and long vest till the feet compared to micro-jacket inspired by Chanel in the salt’n’pepper colour with tubular trim and crochet effect in a red vivid colour

Iridescent pleat and cable stitch meet on pull jumper, cardigan and dress giving a new light effect. Fisherman stitch instead are precious with breezy and hyperfeminin in white milk colour volant  crossed with embroidery for an innovative tricot suspended between dream and reality.   

Innovative and  weightless light enriched  New Basic mood: merino extra fine yarns, crossed side opening, high tubolar embellished jumper and  passe-partout garments,  adorned from coloured trims.

A collection of garments produced with selectioned yarns of the finest quality conceived to wrap the soul in a hot hug. The competence to unite originalità and comfort, combining tradition and avant-garde for garmets of high visual impact. 


Produced by             GORDON CONFEZIONI Srl




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